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Selling a home can be frustrating, especially if that home doesn’t sell within a reasonable amount of time, or close to original asking price. The reasons that a home doesn’t sell, or why it sells for less than market value, can vary and often are not the same home to home, there are “common” reasons why home do not sell, or end up selling for less than market value. This could be be by design. Often people may choose to lower the price for a quick sell, but more often than not, this was not intentional. Sometimes that factors are within your control, and sometimes they are not. Request or free eBook guide to learn the Common Reasons Homes Do Not Sell to learn about the common reasons that QBee Team sees why a house may not sell within a given time period or for less than market value.

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    Common Reasons Homes Do Not Sell

    Common Reasons Homes Do Not Sell

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