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Re-post: Home #Lease – A few things to consider

This is a re-post from November 2011, but it still holds true. In fact, leases are probably hotter now than they were then. This also means that they are harder to get too. You will need good credit, and money down. There are other options if you don’t meet those two criteria, however, often, the […]

Leasing Myth vs. Truth #3

¬†Myth: It is easy to negotiate the monthly cost and down payment of a lease. Truth:¬†The average lease price is 1% of the home value. If you attempt to negotiate on a lease without knowing all of the facts, you might be declined altogether. Since competition is extremely high, often you only have one shot […]

Leasing Myth vs. Truth #2

Myth: It is easy to qualify for a home lease. Truth: Several years ago, this might have been the case. Unfortunately, with the stricter mortgage loan requirements, this also means higher competition for leases. This has also made the requirements for leasing much more stringent.