Re-post: Home #Lease – A few things to consider

This is a re-post from November 2011, but it still holds true. In fact, leases are probably hotter now than they were then. This also means that they are harder to get too. You will need good credit, and money down. There are other options if you don’t meet those two criteria, however, often, the worse your credit the more money you will need to put down.


Here are just a few important items to know before trying to leasing a home:

• The lease market in Houston is very hot.   If you find a home it is important to move on it quick because most likely you are in competition with several others.

• It is important to know that most residential leases require an application fee, security deposit and first month lease amount upfront.

• All applicants must fill out a lease application including anyone over the age 18 years old that will be living in the home.

• Approval for any pets must be obtained prior to submitting the leasing application. If approved, the required documentation and fees must be submitted along with the application. Prior pet approval does not guarantee that the lease application will be approved.

Since the Leasing Market is so competitive, you need an advantage over the competition. A Realtor not only knows what needs to be submitted and when, can walk you through the process step by step, but we are also an advocate in your corner fighting for what is best for you and your family.  There are several steps in this process so if you are thinking about leasing a home, find a qualified Realtor who specializes in leases if you are considering leasing a home, or if you have a home that you are wanting to lease.