Month: October 2013

Federal Role Key to Mortgages, Ginnie Mae Chief Says. Find out why.

Have you ever wondered how government backed mortgages affects the home loan market? Here is a short video from Ginnie Mae Chief that explains.  

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Houstonia’s 25 Hottest Houston Neighborhoods. The Best Places to Live Right Now.

Houstonia has published their picks for the 25 Hottest Houston Area Neighborhoods. Let us know what you think!

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New High-End Luxury Appliance Finish to Replace Stainless

Whirlpool introduces “White Ice” as the new high-end Luxury Appliance Kitchen finish to replace Stainless. Hopefully it will not show finger prints as easily as Stainless does.

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Houston Area Real Estate Market Update: September 2013

MLS Report for September 2013 THE HOUSTON REAL ESTATE MARKET SHOWS NO LET-UP IN SEPTEMBER Home sales and prices soar again as inventory shrinks HOUSTON — (October 15, 2013) — If the Houston real estate market were a car, it

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Residential Real Estate Terms and Definition Series: Push Market

Push Market: A push market is when the Real Estate market conditions are in-between a sellers’ and buyer’s market and neither side has a real advantage over the other during negotiations.

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Residential Real Estate Terms and Definition Series: Sellers’ Market

Sellers’ Market: A Sellers’ Market means that there are more people looking to purchase a home, as opposed to those wanting to sell their home. In this situation, the seller is in a favorable position since there is competition for

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Know Thy Realtor!

Did you know that there are different kinds of Realtors? Granted, yes, there are residential and commercial Real Estate agents, but even within residential there are “specialties” or “ focuses” that each Realtor falls into, and some Realtors might span