January Houston Area Real Estate Market Update

As predicted the start of 2013 has been an exciting time for the Houston Real Estate Market. Homes that are priced where they need to be and are marketed correctly, are selling quickly. Not only are sellers experiencing the benefits of higher demand, but new home builders are increasing production. Proving that now is a great time to buy or sell your home if you have the right Real Estate team in your corner.


The most recent numbers from HAR (www.HAR.com for more details) show:

  • Interest Rates are still at record lows
  • Home sales are up
  • Average prices are up slightly, and are 10.1% higher than this time last year
  • Inventories drop (homes on the market for sale)

Need more information? If you need more information on any of the suburbs or neighborhoods, please contact me.

January 2013 This Month in Real Estate