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Highlighted Real Estate Vendors

Do you need to find a quality painter, but don’t know where to begin your search? Below is a list of our highlighted vendors within our network. While we can’t tell you who to use, that decision is ultimately yours, hopefully we can make the process a little easier.


Highlighted Vendors Builders

Highlighted Vendor List Table of Contents

  1. Real Estate Appraisal
  2. Cleaning Services
  3. Credit Repair
  4. Electrician
  5. Flooring
  6. Handyman
  7. Home Inspections
  8. Home Warranties
  9. HVAC Heating / Cooling
  10. Landscaper
  11. Luxury Home Builders
  12. Mortgage Lenders
  13. Painter
  14. Plumbing & Water Damage Detection
  15. Remodeling
  16. Roofing
  17. Vendor Information Correction or Vendor Feedback
  18. Join our list of Highlighted Vendors

Highlighted Houston Real Estate Appraisal Vendors

Highlighted Houston Cleaning Services Vendors

Highlighted Houston Credit Repair Vendors

Highlighted Houston Electrician Vendors

Highlighted Houston Flooring Vendors

Highlighted Houston Handyman Vendors

Highlighted Houston Home Inspection Vendors

Highlighted Houston Home Warranties Vendors

Highlighted Houston HVAC and Heating Vendors

Highlighted Houston Home Landscaper Vendors

Highlighted Houston Interior & Exterior Painters Vendors

Highlighted Plumbing & Water Damage Detection Vendors

Highlighted Houston Home Remodeling Vendors

Highlighted Houston Home Roofing Vendors

See a needed correction, or want to provide feedback on any of the above vendors

If you see a needed correction, or if any of the above information doesn't appear to be correct, please contact us and will will every effort to update as soon as we can.

Have you used one of the above highlighted vendors? If so, we would love to hear about your experience, good or not so good.

Are you a service provider and would like to be added to our above vendor list

It is our standard practice to offer three vendor recommendation, if possible, allowing our clients to interview and choose who they prefer; however, we are always looking for dependable and reasonable priced vendors to recommend to our clients. Here is the process to get your contact information added to our list of recommended vendors:

  • If you have successfully completed business transactions with us or one of our clients in past, contact me so we can discuss the details.
  • If we haven’t done business, please send use the following information
    • Your preferred contact information
    • Website and Facebook pages or any other publicly facing media
    • At least two referencing that will vouch for your quality of work and rates
  • In either case, please “Like” our Facebook page and ”Follow” us on Twitter

While we try and research the quality of work of all of our highlighted vendors, Jodie “Queen Bee” Collins and the QBee Team accepts no responsibility and recommend that you perform interview process before selecting a vendor.