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A Realtor can be your advocate when working with a home builder; someone who can help that is in your corner. The sales associate works for the builder, not you. A Realtor can assist through the entire process; this includes asking questions that you may think of or even be aware to ask, and the negotiations. The best part is that they are paid by the house builder, and not out of your pocket.

New Home Construction Center

A Realtor Can Help With New Construction

Depending on which area of the country you live in, building a new house may or may not be an option. In the Houston market, it can be a great option and depending on market, very affordable compared to a home built just a few years ago.

Surprisingly, many people don’t realize that you can use a Realtor when working with a builder, and there are many reasons on why you would want to.

Here are just a few:

  • A Realtor is your advocate. Even though the builder is ultimately who pays them, the Realtor works for you, and not the builder.
  • A Realtor know the trends and current market values of the homes in the areas that you are looking at. They can help you decide if you are paying a fair amount for the home, and can help in the negotiations. Yes, you can negotiate with a builder.
  • If their are any issues, your Realtor can help you navigate through them. Often, a Realtor has seen almost every issue that can come up, and can let you know what are minor verses major issues.
  • Realtors can offer great advice that most people may not think of. A home inspection of is an example, even on new construction.