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Relocating and moving to another city can be a stressful experience.   You need a team who has knowledge for the area in which you are locating to plus someone who has experience in the process and understands how complex this move can be.  
Weather you need area or mortgage information, an experienced buyer’s agent, or assistance in marketing and selling your home; the QBee Team is here to help.  

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Moving TO the Houston Area

For people relocating and moving to Houston, we offer great information regarding the area of interests.   If you are interested in receiving a package from me, please fill out our brief Relocation Form.   Additionally, be sure to mention any special interests, needs, or concerns you might have.   This allows us to address those specific topics and assemble a relocation package tailored to your specific needs and interest.  

This relocation package is filled with the Houston area information including population, demographics, Texas laws, utilities, schools, restaurants, hot spots for Houston night life, and much more.  

Once you arrive we will have already lined up several great homes of interest in the desired locations and make this an experience you will enjoy and remember.   Let the QBee Team help you through each step of this process from the beginning to the end. 

Moving away FROM the Houston Area

If you are moving from Houston The QBee Team would be more than happy to put your current home on the market and refer you to a great experienced Keller Williams consultant in your specific area to help you find a great home.

There is no cost or obligation on your part for our relocation assistance; our goal is for the service and information you receive at your destination to exceed your expectations.