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The QBee Team Difference

Jodie “Queen Bee” Collins and QBee Team are Real Estate Consultants, and not just Real Estate Agents. The two main reasons are Real Estate Customer Service Centric with the right blend of Modern (proven) Technology.

The QBee Difference

The QBee Team Mission Statement

To provide our clients with luxury level service, Real Estate consulting, and inspire them to achieve their Real Estate aspirations.

The QBee Team Vision Statement

To act as client advocates using our combined strengths, experience, cutting-edge technology, and luxury level service to become the top Real Estate consultants in our Featured Markets.

Customer Centric Focused

Often companies say that they have the best Customer Service but fail to deliver, or they spend the entire time telling you why it isn’t their fault instead of fixing the issue. My team and I will make sure you get the assistance you need throughout the entire home buying or home selling process. Jodie Collins isn’t just a name on a sign, or a person you see one time. You are my customer, and are greatly appreciated by my staff and I. Let us prove the customer service difference to you. Here are just some of the ways that we are superior in the Customer Service that we deliver:

  • Complete Attention: When we are with or talking to a customer we will not stop to answer the phone or an email. This is why we tell my customers “if we don’t answer your phone call, please leave a message and someone from the QBee Team will call you back as soon as we can, because we will not answer my phone when with another client.”
  • Go two or three steps beyond: Again, I know that the buying, selling, and leasing process can be confusing and sometime even intimidating and it isn’t enough for someone to just tell you what you need to do, especially if you run into issues. My staff and I will help guide you through the needed procedures even if it takes a little hand holding.
  • If it is wrong, we will help make it right: If you are having issues with the mortgage broker, a builder, or another vendor, we will step in and help make the wrong right; if we legally can’t do so, we will point you in the right direction.

Just the Right Amount of Modern (Proven) Technology

This is key! The right technology, implemented in the correct fashion, can make a world of difference. Let me prove the difference to you! What are those differences? I don’t want to give my secrets away, but here are just the high levels.

  • Internet Exposure: It isn’t enough to just be have a listing on the Internet if no one can find it
    • Social Media
    • Automatic website placement on more than 20+ major Real Estate website
    • Listing on my own website Blog
  • Photos and presentation: One of the best complements that we receive over and over is “The house looked so good on the Internet, we just had to come see it.” This isn’t by accident. If the online pictures don’t do the property justice, then it will take even longer to find that just right buyer.